Priori Skincare

At Studio M Salon and Spa, we believe your skin is key to feeling great. PRIORI Skincare recognizes that your skin is an intricate communication system. With that in mind, all PRIORI products are formulated to read your skin, decoding its need for replenishment, hydration, protection, and recovery. The products then respond, with actives and delivery systems to meet your skin’s needs – now. PRIORI is personalized skincare; individualized and in ‘real-time’. Its called Adaptive Skincare.


Formulated with a clear understanding of skin biology and the changes influenced by physical well-being, environment and daily variables, all PRIORI products feature multi-layered ingredient technology that provides the perfect balance between essential skin nutrients and advanced actives. This science-based approach enables your skin to pull exactly what it needs, when it needs it so that you can expect maximum benefits resulting in your ideal skin.