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Palm Springs Spa specials

No-Downtime Peel Package

6x Desert Peel Package

1x 60min Resurfacing

5x 30min Mini Peel


6x Lunchtime Peel Package

1x 60min Resurfacing

5x 15min Mini Peel


Benefits of a Priori Peel

All of our products are from PRIORI, the adaptive skincare line.

– Adaptive Skincare: PRIORI Products are made with a clear understanding of skin biology and hormonal changes.  Products features multi-layered ingredient technology to balance nutrients and advance actives.  Products are science-based that mimic natural chemistry of the body for maximum benefits.

– Types of Peels:

  • AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids): water focus peeling from the bottom working upwards.
  • BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids): Salicylic Acid oil focus peel from top working downwards.
  • Enzymes: include pumpkin, papaya, and pineapple for natural exfoliants.

As we age, our natural skin renewing process slows down.  30 day skin recycling by the age of 30, 40 day skin recycling  by the age of 40, 90 day skin recycling by the age of 60.  It is important to exfoliate the older we get, and AHA exfoliates while moisturizing the skin.

Latic Acid:

Lactic acid is what we naturally create, and is our body’s skin moisturizer.
Latic Acid is superior to all other AHA, 70-95% more effective than glycolic acid.
increasing hyaluronic acid deposit in the skin, creating more moister content, which is critical in treatments of aging skin.
Stimulating the skin moisturization causes the healing cells to activate.


Includes: Lactic Acid, Vitamins A/C/E, and Pro-Vitamin A all in one product.
Vitamin A: Enhances cell recycling to regenerate newer cells.
Vitamin C: Antioxidant that stimulates collagen growth.
Vitamin E: Antioxidant to protect the cell membrane.

Q+SOD (Co-Enzyme Q10 + Super Oxide Dismutase:

Specialized complex: mitochondrial-targeted, broad-spectrum antioxidant.
Both Q+SOD are 2 antioxidants found in the mitochondria of our cells, and naturally produced within meaning more compatibility (skin doesn’t have to adjust, and allows focus on repairing). Acts as evening out skin pigmentation.

Palm Springs Spa specials

Weekly Spa Special In Palm Springs


$10 OFF

Any 60min or 90min Massage.

Palm Springs Spa specials

Weekly Spa Special In Palm Springs

$10 OFF

Any 60min or 90min Facial.