Bridgette Williamson

Nail Artist

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Bridgette Williamson

Nail Artist

Bridgette is a Nail Artist, growing up Bridgette had a passion for styling her siblings’ hair and nails, which led her to pursue a career in the beauty industry. At the tender age of 16, she had the opportunity to attend Cali Beauty College while still in high school through the R.O.P program. Bridgette is a highly skilled and versatile cosmetologist who possesses a deep love for all aspects of beauty. Her dedication and expertise are evident in her ability to provide the ultimate nail care experience. Bridgette is committed to ensuring that every guest leaves with healthier and more stunning nails than when they walked in.

In her free time, Bridgette cherishes the moments spent with her daughter, who is following in her mother’s footsteps and also developing a passion for the beauty industry. Together, they enjoy indulging in at-home spa days, engaging in hair, nail, and makeup treatments. These special moments not only strengthen their bond but also ignite their creativity and love for all things beauty.

Join Bridgette on a transformative journey as she unveils the secrets to achieving flawless nails and embracing your natural beauty. With her skillful touch and genuine care, Bridgette ensures that every client walks away feeling confident and empowered. Discover the artistry that lies within Bridgette’s nails and witness the magic of her talent firsthand. Experience the ultimate nail care and indulge in the world of beauty at its finest.



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