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Brent Anderson

Master Stylist

Brent Anderson is a Master Stylist with over 36 years of experience in the beauty industry. His journey began in the bustling salons of Los Angeles, where he honed his skills and crafted stunning looks for his clients. As a former color educator at both the prestigious Aveda Institute Los Angeles and the renowned Paul Mitchell The School in Pasadena, Brent has shared his knowledge and expertise with aspiring stylists, helping them develop their own creative flair. However, it is in the realm of color correction where Brent truly shines. Known for his impeccable attention to detail and ability to transform even the most challenging hair situations, he has become the go-to expert for clients seeking a fresh, new vision with their locks.

But Brent’s passion for hair artistry doesn’t stop there. He firmly believes that the beauty industry is ever-evolving and constantly presents new opportunities for growth. This is why he finds immense joy in keeping up with the latest trends and techniques, always seeking to push the boundaries of his craft. For Brent, each client is a unique canvas, and he takes pride in tailoring his approach to suit their individual needs and desires.

Outside of the salon, Brent’s creative energy extends to the stage. With a love for acting and a talent for captivating audiences, he regularly graces local theater productions, bringing characters to life and immersing himself in the magic of storytelling. This artistic pursuit not only fuels his creativity but also enhances his ability to connect with people on a deeper level, understanding their stories and aspirations.

In a world where beauty standards continue to evolve, Brent remains dedicated to empowering his clients and helping them embrace their own unique beauty. His commitment to providing exceptional service, coupled with his decades of experience, have made him a trusted professional in the industry. Whether it’s a simple hair transformation or a complex color correction, Brent’s expertise and passion shine through, leaving clients feeling confident and beautiful.

Experience the difference of working with a true hair artist. Book your appointment with Brent today and embark on a transformative journey that will leave you feeling and looking your absolute best.





Brent’s current rates are listed below:


Haircut – The Standard | $68+
Haircut – The Classic | $105+
Haircut – The Extra Time | $125+
Haircut – Children | $65+


Color Retouch | $100+
Full Color | $125+
Highlights – Mini | $110+
Highlights – Partial | $180+
Highlights – Full | $240+
Balayage – Mini | $160+
Balayage – Partial | $240+
Balayage – Full | $290+
Gloss | $60+
Blow Dry with Color | $52+
Color Correction | By Consultation


Shampoo/Blowdry (brush styling) | $70+
Iron Work – Add On | $34+
Hair Treatment add-on | $8-$55+
Beard Trim | $35+
Bang Trim | $35+
Up Do | $108+
Bridal Hair Service | By Consultation
Perm | $220+
Brazilian Blowout | $330+
Keratin Express | $185+
Iron Work Styling (No Wash) | $75+